About Us







Hello there! My name is Rachel and I'm thrilled that you're here.

 I'm the owner, the creator, the lover of Bentley Blue. Creating custom gifts, or personalized anything has always been an overwhelming passion of mine. I have a deep love for all of my family and friends. Which was the spark for creating this store. I am big on thoughtful gifts (it's my jam!) and I always had creative ideas for custom gifts and designs but could never find just what I was looking for. 

Being able to create something for someone else that is specially tailored to them is my way of expressing how much they mean to me. Having something customized, or related to them is just such a simple way to show you have put love, time, and thought into giving them something - simple, yet timeless. So one day while creating a personalized baby blanket for someone else to give their niece on the way, it hit me. Thats what I wanted to do. I wanted to spend my love, time, and creativity to help other people give those memorable lifetime gifts. It is so special to have someone feel so loved by something custom or tailored to their lives so I knew I needed to make a platform to grow this exploding new found love I had for creating & graphic design.

So here I am, filling my cup with happiness by creating apparel to make memories in and custom gifts that will always be the most memorable!

When I'm not creating, fulfilling orders, or growing our platform, you can usually find me somewhere outdoors. I love to travel, and I think that spending time outdoors or hiking to see new places is a necessity for the soul. 

Thanks to you, whether you want a custom order for you and your group for an event to create memories in or give someone a sweet special custom gift to create a gift they wont forget, I get to create happiness over and over again. 

We are extremely thankful,