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DIY Outer Space Birthday Party Decorations



Outer Space Balloons 

This summer was my sons first birthday, and planning parties is my jam! I have planned so many events for friends and family with the theme they gave me to create but this was my first party that I got to pick the theme and have FULL control over decorations. 

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As any party planner would do, I went straight to Pinterest to brainstorm on a theme style. I love all things science and since our baby shower was moon and stars, I think I already knew I wanted a space themed party. There were so many different space theme styles (the girly space theme parties were making me daydream of a having a girl some day) but I started to get some ideas. I was finding a few ideas here and some decor ideas there but there wasn't a one stop shop for all the decor and ideas for what I was looking for. I liked all cute astronauts in the Astronauts First Launch theme, but the planets theme birthday party pins had the cutest planet ideas that I knew I had to do. Most of the First Trip Around the Sun Party themes were all more of a boho style and I wanted more of a boy space style like the blast off party decor I found. Needless to say, there was no quick easy theme to follow.

If you are like me and spend a lot time bringing a whole vision to life then this is for you! I kept track of all of the greatness for this party so the next person can easily bring this vision to life that I loved so much. Everything from the invitations I used that matched the printable table signs and food menus, to the balloons and party decor to the cute space themed food list. I love when everything matches and flows together which makes me triple check my decisions when planning for parties. I will tag everything I ordered in this blog (some items may contain affiliate links that I receive a small commission off of if you purchase at no cost to you, a win-win!) and include the food list with pictures of our party theme decorations. 

Starting with the party theme slogan itself was tricky for me because there are so many options. After looking at a bazillion themes from like Outer space party, to first trip around the sun, two the moon, astronaut party, galaxy party, NASA space party, first launch party, out of this world, and planets party, I decided with first trip around the sun. It was my sons first birthday and I have a thing for puns so I just had to go with this one. 

Ok lets get to it. The invitations... I used these cute invitations on Etsy for a few reasons. I mean how cute is this?! This Etsy shop has matching welcome sign, food menus, and my most favorite thing about the party, is the time capsule page!


Outer Space Invites - Etsy

outer space theme party inivites

I knew I wanted a space cake and space themed food and this matching menu list from the invitation set on Etsy made it super easy. they were all cute ideas, easy to make, perfect party foods, and the best part is that i didn't have to spend a hundred hours trying to decide what list of food I needed to prepare because lets be honest, I had countless other things to plan to make this party out of this world.
There are tons of places to get your invites printed, but I always always use Vistaprint. They have such good quality and always have coupon codes. They have so many other products you can get printed so I actually used the other downloaded printables and got printed with my invites and just got them all shipped to me. It was such an easy process instead of having to get them all printed separately and picking them up or doing them myself.  
You can get your invites and other custom prints here at Vistaprint.


outer space theme party decorations

Outer Space Party Printables - Etsy

Here is the food menu list I used.... It was super easy, inexpensive, and I literally just downloaded and had printed and put into frames for the party.


Outer Space Food Menus - Etsy

Heres the food I made for what is on the menu
 Super Nova Sweets 
  • Cosmic Cupcakes - Space Decorated Cupcakes
  • Moon Rocks - Space Pop Rocks Candy 
  • Starburst - Star Burst Candies
  • Space Worms - Gummy Worms
  • Cosmos Candies - Space Themed Suckers
  • Planet Balls - Oreo Balls
  • Saturn Rings - Peach Ring Gummies


Galactic Bites

  • Flying saucers - Ritz Crackers
  • Sun Chips - Sun Chips
  • Satellite Dishes - Tortilla Chips
  • Little Dippers - Fruit dips
  • Big Dippers - Salsa and Queso Dip
  • Far Out Fruit - Fruit Tray
  • Venus Veggies - Vegetable Tray
  • Meteorite Meatballs - Crockpot Meatballs
  • Big Bang Buffalo Dip - Chicken Buffalo Dip


I used the rocket fuel station where all the drinks were and put pizza planet sign on the pizza table. 

 outer space theme party decorations

Outer Space Party Decor - Amazon

I went to my local favorite bakery for cake and cupcakes and a smash cake. I knew I wanted them all spaced theme so I just showed them a few of my inspiration pics and they created the master piece.

Acrylic Cupcake Stands - Amazon

The cupcake toppers.... the hit of the party and my personal favorite thing to make. I used Canva and took all of my favorite funny faces of my son, printed them, cut them out, and hot glued to tooth picks to go into the cupcakes. 


outer space theme party decorations

The ballon garland was amazing! It made the perfect backdrop for photos and we just put the highchair in front of it when it was time to sing happy birthday. 

 outer space balloon arch

 Space Balloons - Amazon

Here is all the decor pieces we used for our outer space decorations. I tried to keep everything a silver or gold options too keep with the theme. I put all the pictures and printables into gold or white frames that I found on amazon, that I will be saving and using for other party themes moving forward so I considered those as an investment. 


Space Backdrop for Gifts - Amazon


Space Candy - Amazon


Outer Space Food Dishes - Amazon

outer space party decorations

Outer Space Themed Tableware - Amazon 


Now to decide what to wear... I sent out the invites, made my food list, ordered the decor, printed out what I planned to set up but now I needed to find something to match my theme. I found these that literally match the planets on the planets on my printables.


Outer Space Family Shirts - Bentley Blue Co
Party favors are a big hit for kids and since the storm rained out our bouncy house, these space themed party crafts were fun!

 outer space party decorations

Outer Space Party Crafts & Favors - Amazon

My favorite though, and most special was this printable time capsule. I set it out next to the table gifts and printed it from the same Etsy shop as the invites. We got the cutest notes and every one loved these. This was so special because three were so many hand written notes we will save and cherish forever. I plan to do a time capsule each year so this was my favorite take away from the party. 


Outer Space Time Capsule Printable - Etsy


This was a cute gift that was space themed! It is super soft and we use it EVERY where because it is the perfect size for nap time, car rides, and in the stroller for walks.

custom space baby blanket


Outer Space Custom Baby Blanket - Etsy


 This was such a fun party to create and I hope that some of my visions give you a little inspiration! You can click any of the links or photos throughout this blog for all of the items but I will also make the list of everything here for super easy access. There are a lot of things I either didn't get a picture of or didn't mention in this blog so I added the link to my amazon list for you to create a out of this world party without the stress of finding everything individually. 


Outer Space Invites - Etsy (use code BENTLEYBLOG)

Printed Invites, Printables, and things in Frames - Vista Print

Outer Space Party Printables - Etsy (use code BENTLEYBLOG)

Outer Space Balloons - Amazon

Outer Space Party Decorations - Amazon

Outer Space Party Tableware and Party Supplies - Amazon

Custom Baby Blanket Gift - Etsy (use code BENTLEYBLOG)

Outer Space Family Shirts - Bentley Blue Co (use code BENTLEYBLOG)

Outer Space Crafts and Favors - Amazon


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