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Effortless Social Media Scheduling with TailWind: Your Ultimate Time-Saving Tool


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Don't waste hours every week creating content, researching the newest trends, finding the right keywords for each post, and then logging into your socials every day just to make sure you post enough times for the algorithms to favor you.

Let's face it, there always feels like there are so many rules to posting and succeeding at social media content. Manually posting content across multiple platforms can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Pinterest says to post 5-8 pins a day (but don't make them the same) while instagram is saying the key to follower growth is to post 3-5 per week. Pinterest trends and key words are different from your instagram hash tags and tik tok algorithms. Instagram favors reels and Pinterest hates duplicate pins. Don't forget the SEO optimization keywords for each platform are all different to grow your account. Just WHEW! I love creating content but it takes so much time on top of the account I am marketing for to design, save, fill out posts, and post the content. I don't have a marketing assistant or enough time in the day to make that many posts every day. If only there was a way someone could create all my content and schedule them when I want...

....drumroll...... there is... TAILWIND!

Imagine a world where you can plan, schedule, and manage your social media posts with unparalleled ease. TailWind makes this dream a reality. Whether you're a small business owner, a social media manager, or an influencer, this scheduler is your secret weapon for efficient and effective online presence. Let's go over some reasons why tailwind is the best of the best. 

Ok but, What is Tailwind?

TailWind is a social media scheduler that creates content in SECONDS, under your brand, transforms your content strategy, and allows you to schedule and manage your social media posts in mere minutes. Say goodbye to manual posting and hello to streamlined efficiency. It isn't just a scheduler; it's a game-changer. With its automation features, you can set your scheduled posts and forget about it. Craft your content, curate your visuals, and let TailWind work its magic. Watch as your posts seamlessly publish across various social media platforms, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – creating remarkable content.

Doing research is important to grow your social media accounts. Tailwind analyzes your audience's behavior, pinpointing the optimal times for engagement. This means your posts reach your audience when they're most active, ensuring your content receives the attention it deserves. Tailwind has such a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize captions, hashtags, and visuals for each platform, ensuring your content remains authentic and engaging across the social media spectrum.

Making informed decisions is key to a successful social media strategy. TailWind provides valuable insights into your post's performance, giving you a bird's-eye view of what works and what needs refining. These data-driven analytics help you refine your approach, maximizing your social media impact. It basically pulls the information your other platforms have and shows you which content is working for your brand.

Make scheduling easy sign up here for your new Tailwind Account.

Tailwind has a few different subscription options and of course I started with the free version. The free version I think included your first 100 scheduled pins. I pin EVERYTHING from my blogs, my website, my etsy shop and even my instagram accounts so that 100 pins went quickly. But this was a GAME changer so I immediately purchased the highest plan and it is worth every single penny. Tailwind is most popular for scheduling pins but let me just list a few of tailwinds benefits:


Unlock the true potential of your social media presence with TailWind – the ultimate time-saving tool that transforms your content strategy into a masterpiece. Embrace the power of scheduling, automation, and data-driven insights, and watch as your online engagement reaches new heights. Elevate your brand, enhance your online presence, and reclaim your time – all with TailWind by your side.


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