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DYI Halloween Costumes: Spots and Glamour, Cruella and her Dalmatians!

Looking for the perfect DIY cruella costume and dalmatian costume for your family matching costumes or your teachers team? 

Last year was bliss for me, with Cruella coming out and everyone in a frenzy to be Cruella for halloween with her matching Dalmatians. From facebook, to instagram to scrolling on tik tok it was endless ideas of sexy cruella, or that super lovey couple who kill it at halloween parties for the insanely detailed costume duo, or the family group where mom is Cruella, the husband who doesn't know what his costume is going to be until the day before, gets stuck being a Dalmatian and has to wear the ears because they match their kids Dalmatian costumes. Ok ill admit it... its me. It's me i'm talking about. I have been Dalmatian OBSESSED since as long as I can remember. Heres proof from the 90s (I wish I still had that dress)!


Anyway, in college, I was a risky babe Cruella for a ridiculous party that I regrettably got no photos of because that college gal never knew how far we would take the Dalmatian Cruella theme. I met my husband, who is not one to wear a costume or dress silly (he's a simple attire guy) and the first halloween told him that he had absolutely no option - he was going to be my Dalmatian. I'm sure he was thrilled but he handled it like a champ and we got complements all night on it. 


Fast forward to 7 years later..... it's august and my baby is a month old. Everyone kept asking me what did I plan on having my son be for his first halloween. And I'm like hang on, do you even have to ask. Thats right, Dalmatian. This was a new era though. Not sexy college Cruella, not new couple halloween party Cruella, this was going to be my mom version of Cruella. My husband bless his heart. Put a smile on his face and wore those puppy ears proudly. 



So if you love Dalmatians as much as I do, then you have come to the right blog. If you and your girlfriends are going out downtown and you need to be a sexy dog, or a risky Cruella, you're still in the right blog. Trying to make a couple costume with your boyfriend or if you're a teacher wanting to all be matching Dalmatians and stay casual, you are still in the right place. or if you are like me, a mom, who has waited forever for these cute matching DIY family halloween costumes - you have ABSOLUTELY made it to the right page. 


I have compiled some of my favorite Dalmatian costume pieces and Cruella costumes for all occasion! Most of these Cruella inspirations are here in my amazon storefront to make it quick and easy to create your perfectly wretched de vil vibes.

*this post may contain affiliate links that I receive a commission at no cost to you.*


Shop all these amazon Cruella and Dalmatian costume pieces here: 

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Here are some of my favorite Dalmatian print pieces for you to DIY your own Dalmatian dog costume!

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Dalmatian Print Leggings


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Take your love a bit further and keep in mind that some of these Dalmatian pieces are perfect for your kids Dalmatian themed birthday party. Luckily I spotted all the goods!

This Halloween, let your love for Dalmatians shine through as you transform into the glamorous Cruella de Vil or become part of a spotty pack of Dalmatians with your friends and family. Embrace the magic of DIY creativity and enjoy the playful spirit of the holiday. Remember, the true essence of Halloween lies in the joy of sharing these moments with loved ones and creating cherished memories.

So, gather your spots, unleash your inner Cruella, and embark on a howl-worthy adventure that will be remembered for years to come. Happy Halloween, fellow Dalmatian enthusiasts!

Have a spooky halloween,

Bentley Blue


If you have made is this far or found my blog because you are a Dalmatian mom or maybe your best friend is aa Dalmatian lover like myself and you want to find that perfect gift for them, then I have a sweet surprise. Here is a few Dalmatian print gift ideas or give you aa 101 reasons why you need Dalmatian print home decor!

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