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The Easiest DIY Christmas Santa Footprint plate.

DIY christmas plates


 I make a craft with a handprint or a footprint for almost every holiday but these Christmas plates did not disappoint. I feel like there is just something about a sweet little baby footprint that makes the holidays a little cozier than a hobby lobby sign (don't get me wrong I love my hobby lobby trips)! Sometimes its a small wooden seasonal shape from Target or Hobby Lobby in the craft section but this Christmas I wanted to take it up a notch and i'm SO GLAD I did.

Santa footprint plates

This yeah I actually bought this set of plates and made one for each of the grandparents in our family, and it was so much easier than picking gifts from the kids and I could knock it all out at once. 

Truly this couldn't get any easier. As someone who gets how tough it is do crafts with babies and toddlers, this is the one you want to do. You literally only need:

- Paint brush - I used these
- White ceramic plate
- Acrylic paints 
- Paint Pen
First you want to get all your things ready before you get the paint brush dipped in paint Get a washcloth or paper towel wet so that you can wipe off the plate if you mess up the handprint or footprint. That is what makes this craft so great is that if you mess up, you can wipe right off. Have a plate or something to pour a little of your paints on so that you can be ready to paint directly onto their hands or feet.
white plates
TIP: If you are painting any colors or handprints that are going to overlap, I would suggest letting it dry before you put the next color on. I learned the hard way that the paints will smear together and ruin the print if you try to add them all at once. 
Paint the bottom of your little ones hand or foot - don't coat too much paint or you'll likely end up smearing because kids can't resist a little squishy paint.
Once you get the handprints and footprints on, its time to finish the cute creative touches. I saw on pinterest somewhere the cutest footprint moose and footprint Christmas tree so I decided to stick with those.
christmas Plates
When the details dry, you will use your paint marker to write whatever you want. I always make sure to put the date or the year on all of my crafts, but this time I put Cookies for Santa on one and Rowan 2023 on the other because I couldn't decide.
Let the plates sit out overnight so the paint can fully dry. 
Put your plates directly on the rack in the oven at 300 degrees for 30-40 minutes. It is very important to NOT let your oven preheat, you don't want your plate to crack or break. It needs to warm up with the oven slowly. 
Take out of the oven and let cool off and then TA-DA you have your cute Christmas plates! I would recommend taking this clear glaze spray or something like it to coat the plate to last a lot longer. Plus the one can can get you essentially endless craft uses!


Christmas Plates

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